Best Glacier tours in Iceland

When people think of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon spa and whale watching tours spring to mind. However, there are some pretty amazing things to explore further into the country, like the glaciers.

We have guides and tour operators who have been exploring the glaciers for decades. They’ll introduce you to a truly unique and sometimes overlooked part of Iceland, by foot, monster truck or on a snowmobile.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Golden Circle

Why should you join a glacier tour?

Joining a glacier tour in Iceland is a great way to experience the stunning beauty of the country’s glaciers up close. Glacier tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the various formations and features of the glaciers and learn about the history and geography of the area. Glacier tours can also be quite adventurous, allowing you to traverse the glacial terrain, explore the caves and crevasses, and even ride on a snowmobile or drive a super jeep. Glacier tours are a great way to get an up close and personal look at the stunning beauty of Iceland’s glaciers and explore a unique and dynamic landscape.

When is the best time to do glacier tours?

The summer, it’s the most popular time with visitors. This is because it’s usually a lot warmer, there are more daylight hours available to sightsee, and there are more activities to take advantage of.
One downside of visiting in the summer may be that there are more crowds at popular attractions. You can also visit during the shoulder season, which runs from May to September.
The winter season is hard to travel and travel plans might be affected due to the weather.